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Qi Gong

- Written by Master Shi Yong Yao -

Qi Gong Classes by Shaolin Master Shi Yong Yao

  • President of International Shaolin Fo Han Center

  • Head Master of Sixth Generation of Shailin Fo Han Guan, China

  • Chief Coach of Shaolin Qi Gong and Kung Fu

Qi-gong can help to heal different kinds of chronic disease, such as:

  • heart disease
  • bladder infection
  • stomach ache/cramps
  • hypotension/anemia
  • diabetes
  • stokes rehabilitation
  • tumors
  • skin cracking
  • back pain
  • wrist tendonitis
  • hepatitis
  • stomach ulcers
  • stomach bloating
  • gall bladder stones
  • enlarged pancreas
  • headaches
  • pimples
  • neck & shoulder pain
  • spinal compression
  • ankle sprains
  • kidney infection
  • small intestine ulcers
  • hypertension
  • kidney stones
  • nervous discorder
  • nose allergy
  • age spots, wrinkles
  • shoulder blade pain
  • lower back pain
  • fungus infection

Qi-gong can help to heal different kinds of women disease, such as:

  • menstruation pain
  • midlife crisis symptoms
  • endometriosis
  • blood vessel blockage
  • cold hands and feet

Qi-gong can help also treat the following symptoms:

  • headaches
  • eye strain
  • irregular heartbeat
  • sacrum pain
  • depression
  • motion sickness
  • urinary incontinence
  • hair loss
  • tinnitus (ear noises)
  • shortness of breath
  • arthritis
  • obesity
  • hemorrhoids
  • arcus (iris white ring)
  • bronchitis
  • rib nerve pain
  • sleep deprivation
  • underweight
  • constipation

Qi-Gong Practice

Qi-Gong can help us avoid having bad symptoms and gain a better health. If you can practice Qi-gong consistently, you will eventually get all kinds of benefit through it. Qi-Gong practice is not limited by space or time, and it is easy to learn. I would like to promote to everyone such a great technique of combining meditation, regulated breathing, movement, and focused awareness, purportedly to cultivate and balance meditation, regulated breathing, movement, and focused awareness, purportedly to cultivate and balance qi. There are not many people who really know how to use qi to treat patients or heal symptoms. A special Qi-gong practice technique is a heal-all and a healing technique that allow you to have control over your health.

In Qi-Gong practice, there is a very important technique that people often miss: it is extremely important to follow or use the correct forms in any circumstances during Qi-Gong practice.

May parts of our human body are constantly repeating and performing essential functions to keep us alive. For example, the heart is beating all the time without resting. The correct form of Qi-Gong practice consists of a sequence of movement, which will help direct the “Qi” energy to different parts of our bodies and keep your organs healthy.

If you want to get the full benefit for “Qi”, you need to learn the correct breathing techniques, correct form of body movement, which will take your whole body into a very relaxing stage, and eventually be able to control your breathing rhythm to a slow and long lasting pattern.

Qi-Gong practice can heal your body by balancing all your vital organs, such as the five organs and the six fu organs. The five organs are the heart, liver, spleen, lung, and kidney. The six fu organs are the gall bladder, large intestine, small intestine, stomach, urinary bladder and sanjiao (three areas of the body cavity). A healthy body means to keep the five organs and six fu organs balance to its best natural harmony.

The goal of Qi-Gong practice is to make your body as a receiver so that you can feel and absorb the energy that exists in the nature, earth and universe. You can eventually direct qi into your five organs and six fu organs, and improve your health and mental health. Only by having the correct form and breathing technique in Qi-Gong practice, qi and energy then flow through your whole body to improve your health and body condition.

I recommend Qi-Gong practice to everyone. It is because qi energy and qi spirit are essential to today’s people’s busy life style, and it can improve people’s health. Qi-Gong is an underlying principle in Chinese martial arts and Chinese medicine, which also consist of a special technique of directing qi through different acupuncture points and meridians.

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