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Qi Gong

The Chinese studied Qi (energy circulating in the body) for about four thousands years. It was one of the best-kept secrets in the world. It was only handed down through oral transmission.

Qi Gong is the study of Qi in the body. There are different fields of Qi Gong such as: acupuncture, Chinese herbs for medical purpose, martial arts, massage, healing, spiritual enlightenment. They are all related and cannot be separated. Qi Gong also is the most unique training of Chinese martial arts. Practitioners boost phycial body's functioning to a higher leverl through mental concentration.

A lot of illnesses are caused by unbalanced Qi. Qi Gong practice is used to readjust the qi circulation, maintaining health, and treat the illness. Practitioners amplify their own energy by harnessing the infinite power (energy) of the universe for a benefit of humanity. They learn how to feel themselves; to understand themselves; and to deal with their own mind or body. Qi Gong is an system of self-healthcare.

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