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Martial Arts: Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an internal Chinese martial art practiced for defense training and health benefits. It is also a practice of calmness and relaxation. Yin and Yang is Tai Chi’s theoretical root. It can be traced around 4 thousand years ago.

It uses soft to defend against hard; weakness to defeat strength.

Tai Chi is a moving meditation. A good Tai Chi practitioner is able to sense the Qi (bioelectricity or energy) circulating within the body. Practitioners can achieve a peaceful mind of meditation by smooth Qi and blood circulation within the body. It is why people practice Tai Chi for improving health or curing illnesses. Five main regulations:

  • - Regulating Body
  • - Regulating Breathing
  • - Regulating Mind
  • - Regulating Qi
  • - Regulating Spirit

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